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Action Learning

Action learning, devised some 40 plus years ago by Reg Revans have been used effectively in personal, management, leadership and organisational development.


Action Learning for Organisations

Essentially individuals come together in 'sets' to tackle an individual or organisational problem.  Set members cycle between taking action on the problem and learning from those actions, with the support and challenge of other set members. Individuals can come together as set members as peers within an organisation or colleagues from a number of organisations, or they might be strangers until they come together in the set. They may work on individual problems or tackle aspects of a common organisational problem. 

An example: managers coming together to tackle the difficult challenges of working together which might be hindering effective relationships in and between teams.

It requires challenge, support, effective listening and questioning and a commitment to tackle the difficult problems.  Through the action learning process individuals learn about themselves, develop new ways of thinking and working. They take actions forward that revise and transform the problem into effective change. It can be used as part of management and leadership development and by organisations wanting to find new ways of 'moving' difficult problems.

Action learning service:

1. Tailored to the needs of your organisation. Starts with a detailed discussion about what you hope action learning will to contribute to your organisation

2. Contract for the action learning intervention.

3. Advisor role on setting up and running action learning sets

4. Facilitation of action learning sets

5. Evaluation

As an associate of the Centre for Action Learning Facilitation we can offer action learning facilitation and training for facilitators for LIM qualifications. Visit the Centre here

Fee range:

£350-£500 per day reduced fees for voluntary sector

See for cost of ILM qualification programmes

Experienced action learning advisor, backed up with a Level 5 Certificate in Action Learning Facilitation through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Committed to own professional development through supervision and as a member of a wider action learning facilitator’s network.


Carol gave our team an opportunity to reflect on the practice and beliefs around our service model and relationships. She created a small island of safe welcoming learning in the middle of a turbulent sea of service delivery to vulnerable adults with brain injury. After just 4 sessions, the team were communicating with more cohesion and a clearer sense of purpose.

written by : Carol Wells

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